Meet Our Command Centre

On the largest shipping vessels, it's an enormous room full of technical equipment for navigation— it's the command center. That's the wheelhouse. Typically located with good lines of sight to both the vessel and the water surrounding it.

Wheelhouse a division of Upperedge Inc was rebranded from Codesoft Solutions, which had been around for over 13 years and have grown creating a best of breed approach to IT industry. Wheelhouse is an establishment by a Group of Professionals, who have proved their excellence in the IT Industry through their services in handling Cutting-edge Technologies since 2003. We are focused on building tools and technologies that employs effective synthesis of Technology, Art, and Marketing.

We are a full fledged IT services company with a deep pool of talent. We are on our mission to employ a research oriented mentality with an infusion of creativity to become a global thought leader in product development.